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Top 6 Health Benefits of Wool Plaids and Blankets

Wool is a natural fiber that receives its name from the Old English word for “wooly.” This material has been used as bedding since ancient times, and today people are still attracted to it because of all the benefits.

Wool can provide extra warmth in cold climates, take shape or mold to your body, so you stay cooler during the hot season, resists dust mites naturally due to lanolin oils on hair fibers. This not only protects against allergies but also eliminates any unpleasant odor when vacuuming!

We all know that wool is the best fabric to keep us warm on a cold wintery day. But did you also know that it has so many other benefits as well? It’s not just for warmth, but there are six ways in which wool can actually benefit our health!

Woolen plaids are hypoallergenic, meaning those who suffer from allergies caused by synthetic materials will be able to wear this material with ease.

Not only does it provide insulation against heat loss making your home or office feel warmer than usual. Using woolen plaids improves blood circulation during colder months due to its breathability properties – hello, healthy skin, and strong bones!

Here are the top 6 health benefits of woolen plaids and blankets:

Woolen Blanket for good sleep

1. Sound sleep

As wool is a naturally thermo-regulating material, it can help you maintain your body's natural temperature throughout the night. This means that no matter what season or climate your sleep environment may be in, you'll always feel comfortable and refreshed when morning arrives.

Woolen plaids are a necessity for those who experience night sweats or hot flashes. Not only do they help reduce the discomfort of nightly temperature changes, but they also act as an effective shield against allergens that synthetic materials may otherwise intensify in your linens and blankets.

A bed made entirely from natural fibers like wool will provide you with optimal comfort during these challenging episodes while allowing air to circulate freely through all layers of material.

2. Resistant to common allergies

The natural formation of wool means it is naturally mold and mildew-resistant. Wool quickly absorbs moisture and helps release humidity, efficiently preventing the damp conditions that molds thrive on.

Other fabrics like down or cotton are not as effective at releasing moisture due to their lack of sheep's fur, which coats all other fibers with a protective shield from dust particles in the air--including allergens.

3. Keep heart rate low

Wool is a natural material that will keep your heart rate low and help you relax. Scientists at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales experimented with comparing people who slept on different types of fibers, including wool-fill comforters.

They found it fascinating: not only did the test humans using wool have lower rates than those with other filters, but their sleep patterns were also more relaxed.

4. Wool plaids regulate temperature

Wool plaids are the perfect bedtime accessory for those who get cold quickly. The self-regulating temperature of wool fibers keeps a pocket of air close to your body, and natural coil-shaped fibers provide an optimal sleep setting by wicking excess heat from the skin while providing comfort against it at night.

5. Woolen plaids are non-toxic

You may think you're safe from fire in your bed, but what about a burst of flame during that long nap? Synthetic and natural fibers are highly flammable.

Polyurethane especially burns like gasoline-soaked rags when set on fire, so by law, all textiles used for beds have to be treated with retardant chemicals. This is the case unless they happen to be wool. If it's wet or moistened, then fires can't get started at all because their moisture absorbs into their core and extinguishes them naturally.

6. They provide more comfort

One of the top benefits of using a wool blanket is that it absorbs water but releases it into the atmosphere.  That means irrespective of your body temprature, woolen plaids  keep you dry and cozy, making this fiber an excellent choice for people looking for comfort during sleep time or those who live in humid climates.



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